5.20% Per year as offered
between 25 February
to 1 March 2019

Fancy an ISA that
pays a monthly income?

Dividend Income generates an income from shares through long term investment in 20 blue chip companies.

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Brilliantly Simple!

Our investment team analyses all the shares in the FTSE100 index to select a portfolio of 20 companies that we feel will provide you with a consistent and stable dividend income.

We analyse FTSE100 companies on their on-going ability to deliver strong and growing dividends. At the same time we seek to reduce risk by ensuring the portfolio is diversified across different economic sectors.

Ultimately our approach remains focused on one brilliantly simple objective, to maintain and grow your income consistently over the long term.

Brilliantly Simple!
Our investors have seen their initial investments increase in value, received more than 4.8% per annum in dividend income and seen their income grow by more than 10% per year.

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