Who We Are

A new brand from
seasoned financial experts

A new brand from seasoned financial experts

You’ve probably never heard of Investore,
and there’s a reason for that.

We’re new.

Though we are part of a well-established financial services group, that has been in the money business for over thirty years.


We have over 30 years experience

Founded in 1984 as Synergy Financial Products Ltd, we grew our reputation as a technology provider to the financial services industry with innovative database and software services. Moving into the servicing of our own savings products, such as PEPS and ISAs distributed solely via financial advisers. We are proud to have served in excess of 20,000 clients since then.

Now the time has come to look after you with the launch of Investore and our Dividend Income product.

We are happy to count Aviva Plc as a shareholder, through one of their subsidiary companies.



Innovative Technology Solutions for financial services industry

Financial Products distributed via financial advisers


Launch of Investore