Coronavirus – Synergy Financial Products’ response

Risk Management

We have put a range of significant measures in place to ensure the service we provide to our customers is not materially affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  Continuous ongoing monitoring and reassessment of the effect of the virus takes place.

Throughout the coming weeks and months Synergy will continue to take all actions necessary to maintain core operational activity. Our priority is protecting customers’ money and data while maintaining our existing level of service.

Prevention and contingency planning

We have put in place a number of preventative measures to ensure risk is reduced as much as possible. These include:

  • Communicating to all staff the latest government health advice and  information
  • The introduction of protocols around handwashing / sanitising including encouragement of staff to use hand sanitisers
  • Additional office cleaning has been introduced
  • Door handles are cleaned using alcohol wipes twice daily
  • We have ceased all business travel and cancelled external visits until further notice
  • All upcoming staff travel is reviewed and action taken in necessary
  • The promotion of social distancing within the office
  • We have split key departments and the management group into separate teams to better manage risk and improve operational resilience
  • We have prepared an alternative office site and are extending home working options.

In the meantime all remains business as usual.