The first year’s income is paid from the 5% of your initial investment that is placed into your income account at the outset of your plan. This is so we can set you up with your portfolio and collect the dividend income over the first year. The amount you receive in year one is based on the actual amount of dividends paid by the selected share portfolio over the previous year.

In year 2, your income is based on the exact amount of dividend income received into your plan over the entirety of year 1. After deducting fees, we distribute the remaining income to you in equal monthly amounts. This will be the exact same process for each of the following years you hold your plan.

The income is fixed at the start of a plan year and will be recalculated in the last month before your plan anniversary. We will contact you before the Plan anniversary to confirm your income for the following year.

Historically the income has increased over time, but this is not guaranteed. Your income may fluctuate from year to year.