Our product has shown a strong performance

The Dividend Income Plan works. Our investors from launch have…

Generated income above the FTSE 100

Dividend Income 4.6%
FTSE100 4.2%

Grown initial investment



Beaten inflation with income growth

Dividend Income annualised income growth 5.8%
Annual UK inflation 1.5%


Generate a strong return from your investment (which is tax free if within an ISA)
Grow your initial investment via secure blue chip companies
Grow your income above inflation with annual income growth.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance

Performance based on a £100,000 investment. Dividend Income Plan – Capital Value is calculated monthly and is the value of the portfolio after monthly income payments. Portfolio performance is based on monthly rebalancing into the latest recommended portfolio. The FTSE100 Equivalent Income Received is the total amount of dividends received over a year for a 100% investment in the FTSE 100 divided equally over 12 months. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.