Both words relate to the use of money but fundamentally they are different concepts.

Savings are your short term access accounts that are used day to day. These accounts do not generally pay a high rate of interest but they are considered secure and you can access the money at short notice.

Investments are considered more longer term. Committing your money to an asset in order to grow the value in a greater way over a longer timeframe.

Your main residence is an investment for example.

The main difference between the two concepts is risk. The risk that you will lose money.

A savings account is unlikely to lose you money but it is also unlikely to make you money.

An investment could lose you money but it may also make you money over the long term. Particularly if you understand the investment you are making.

We understand investments and are committed to bring you brilliant, yet simple plans to benefit from the rewards that could be achieved from investing over the long term.

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This article does not constitute advice. The value of your investment and the income derived from your portfolio is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up.